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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wish List

I went to Hand Picked yesterday to look around and kill some time before dinner. I haven't been in there in a while because I started not really liking the new stuff they were getting in the store but yesterday was different! They have the David Yurman, Cable Candy bracelet and Albion earrings. These are imitations of course, but I am so excited to go back at the end of the summer and buy these! I also saw the girl working there, who I went to high school with, wearing a cut- out monogram sterling silver ring. I haven't bought new jewelery in quite a while and I feel like these things are staple items that I will be able wear for quite a while.

Also, last night I went to dinner with some sisters and friends. It was quite a collaboration of people! It started out as just sisters eating dinner together, a small summer reunion then everyone brought a guest so it was fun to simply catch up with the girls and hear the outrageous stories, memories that have been made, and of course gossip with each other.
Tomorrow I am going to the mall, hopefully I will get some new Lilly pieces, we will see what they have in store... wish me luck!

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