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Friday, September 2, 2011

lots & lots of glitter

Everyone has heard of them, or seen the recent trend of feathers in the hair. I personally am not a fan. BUT... I am a fan of anything with glitter! So when I saw a friend with tinsel in her hair I immediately wanted to get it! I am sure everyone has a lot of opinions about it but I am really pleased with the way that it turned out! It is very subtle and hardly noticeable but it adds a little sass! So a few sisters and I showed up to Haircut 101 on Thursday, before recruitment practice and had a blast having these tinsel extensions put in!
Here is how they turned out:

I got 2 gold and 2 pink.
I was messing with the pink this morning and accidentally
pulled them out. I can't wait to go back and get more put back in next week.

Brittany got 2 pink and 2 gold as well.

Rebecca's eyes are a vibrant blue so she got a blue piece of tinsel to accent them

Jordan got 4 gold and they looked great. she shows them off by pinning back her hair!

What makes you different?

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