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Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a Show!

Wow... that is about all I can possibly murmur after watching the Video Music Awards! After dinner tonight the neighbors (baseball boys with a HUGE TV) had us over to watch the VMA's and boy were there some spectacles on there!

First of all, Lady Gaga was not looking like much a a lady tonight! She dressed in drag for the entire show. I was absolutely appalled by everything she did! I mean I will admit, she has some catchy songs but as a person... I do not like her. She just looked so dirty and animated. She was really acting it seemed like, it was just extremely odd.
This was the awkward moment when everyone thought they were going to kiss but they didn't...
followed up by a Britney tribute done by 12 year old girls (what?!)

Beyonce, on the other hand, had a great performance! She is so beautiful and I think she did so great! One of my favorite parts of the entire night was after her song she opened her jacket to reveal her baby bump; then the camera panned out in the audience to show hubby, Jay-Z, jumping around in excitement! This was such a cute way to end!

And last, but not least... what I waited for all night
Lil Wayne, aka Lil Tunechi. He was... well I don't know quite how to describe his performance. Maybe interesting is appropriate. I will always have an unexplainable love for Weezy, I don't know why... people criticize me for it every day but I just can't help it!

What were your thoughts on this crazy show ?

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