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Thursday, February 3, 2011

State Pillows

Have yall seen these? I am in love with them! They are hand stitched, 19x 19. I have seen them around at small boutiques and specialty shops! My mom has been dying for one for years but the price tag of $150 has prevented her from buying one for herself.

Here are my two favorites!! I was born in Florida and a bunch of my family still lives there so I have roots there but being raised and currently living in North Carolina, I love that one too! They are so neat because they are unique and you can relate to them in your own life!
Well Mom's birthday was a few weeks ago- so when her mom found out she had been wanting this she remembered that she had started a similar needlepoint in 1983!!! My grandma finished this pillow for my mom's birthday and this is how it turned out!
I think it is amazing! The detail is awesome, I had no idea my Nana was so talented!


  1. I love that!! I might have to ask her for that pattern! I love those state pillows too! And Beth has been after them for years!!

  2. my mom has the north carolina pattern in a pillow and a tray (it has a glass covering to protect the stitching) so cute!

  3. I've never seen pillows like this, but now I'm kind of obsessed! I love the one your grandma made for your mom!