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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. Greek- I have recently gotten hooked on this show and I am obsessed! I tried to get into Pretty Little Liars a few months ago when everyone was talking about but somehow got into Greek instead and I watch it all the time! Its a little corny but I really enjoy it! 2. Nude Nail Polish- I have long nails right now and have worked really hard to get them to grow out. I am not a fan of dark polish on long nails (esp. in the winter with my paler skin), I feel like it's too gothic, and I don't particularly like red either, I fell like it just doesn't fit me. So I have not had time to paint a french manicure this week, I have put on a few coats of nude nail polish for the time being and it just looks so clean and crisp. 3. Duck Boots- I recently purchased my first pair and have been really satisfied with them! Finally I found a pair of shoes that keep my feet warm and dry! They are a must- have in the mountains where I go to school! 4. Goody Spin Pins- If you haven't tried these yet, run to the closest WalMart or drug store and pick them up!! They are so convenient and easy to use! I love them, they are great for trying to do a fancy up- do, or throwing up a messy bun for the gym- they are that secure! 5. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion- I am currently on Accutane treatment, for the second time- yes I have stubborn skin! With that and the harsh winter winds, my skin is constantly dry. But this moisturizer is amazing and helps keep my skin under control!


  1. Those pins seem really cool but my hairs think and long so I'm scared they won't be able to keep it back. Worth a try though! And I loved Greek a couple years back but havn't watch recently. Its such a cute show! I wish the greek life was like that at my school!!


  2. I LOVE Greek like literally love it!!! I didn't get into it til season 3 and I think I watched the first two seasons within a week! I rewatch it also!

  3. i am OBSESSED with spin pins!