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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

and ending to my Spring Break

Well, a small tragedy occurred while on the beached of Ponte Vedra, Florida! I had my beloved BlackBerry in the pocket of my t-shirt. I went on a walk on the beach and when I leaned over to pick up a piece of sea glass, my phone decided to go swimming! So I went without contact to the world for 28 hours while my phone sat in rice to try to dry it out but then it would not turn on. So me and my mom made a trip to the local VZW store and to my surprise, found out I was eligible for an early upgrade! soooo... I emptied my bank account and purchased the iPhone 4. I am so happy I did and I love it!

Other than this tragedy, we had a great time looking around at the shops, trying new restuarants, going to the beach and exploring St. Augustine! I have a ton of GREAT Lilly and VV finds at FiFi's consignment shop in Ponte Vedra; I was so lucky! St. Augustine is one of my favorite spots in Florida. I love the authentic Spanish food, the beautiful historic sights and there are lots of cute boutiques in the area too! We had a lot of fun.
As I mentioned, I found a lot of sea glass on this trip! Sea glass, for those of you who don't know if glass bottles or other objects that have been tossed overboard off of a ship and landed in the ocean. The waves have tossed the glass and the shells and waves bump against it breaking the glass and smoothing the sharp edges and making it have a frosted look. I love collecting this glass because it is so rare and makes for a great display in clear glass jars around the house. Sea glass is pretty rare because most people use plastic now. The most common colors are green, brown and clear. Jade, amber, lime green and blue are some of the less common colors that are found. Here is a picture of the sea glass that Nana and I found on the beach.
I hope everyone else had a lovely Spring!

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