A Southern girl is a girl who knows full and well that she can open a door for herself but prefers for the gentleman to do it because it demonstrates a sense of respect. After all, every girl wants to be treated like a princess. She knows how to make sweet tea and grits while telling you everything about any football team in the SEC. She picks her battles and fights with the heart of a pit-bull while still maintaining grace and elegance. Her mystique is that of a soft-spoken, mild-mannered southern belle who could direct an army, loves her momma, and will always be daddy's little girl.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have this obsession for BOOTS!!! It is a terrible thing!! I already have 4 pairs of cowboy boots, 2 pairs of rain boots, a pair of snow boots and still feel the need for more!! Well I just ordered a new pair of black Justin boots and they are supposed to be here any day now!! I am so excited!! I wear boots almost every day whether I wear them with a cute sun dress in the Summer, with leggings and tights in the Fall, or with cute jeans in the Winter! I feel like you can never have enough! They are a true necessity, especially here in Boone!

I recently saw these on Re- Lilly and was a few hours late, someone saw these precious things and swooped then up quicker than anyone else! I am really jealous!! I would kill for these "Swellies"! I hate that I missed them a few years back but these pink elephant print boots would be perfect me!!

I have been in search for these Bean boots from L.L. Bean! I am so excited to add these stylish things to my collection!! Their website notes that they are great for wet, muddy chores or for running errands because of their low- cut slip- on style. I am having trouble figuring out what size to order because they run big! They also run naturally wide but they come in narrow, medium, and wide. I will definitely be consulting the sizing guide before I make any purchases but the Customer Service Reps at L.L. Bean are always nice!!

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