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Monday, October 18, 2010

De- Stressors

I have been away for so long!! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! I have been super stressed lately though... Midterms are this week and last, as well as chapter, speed dating to meet future Little's, and of course I like to have a social life! haha Thank goodness that fall Break is Wednesday though!!! I am super excited to go home and see my family and my babies Jack and Wrigley! I can't wait to see old friends too! I really wanted to go to ALABAMA this weekend to visit mBa but I just have wayyy too much going on plus I am sick and need to rest. Being so stressed out is horrible and often leads to cry- fests with friends and illness! I often just do anything but what I need to do in order to cope but this leads to making myself over- stressed because nothing is getting done! A few things I like to do to cope are...1. ORGANIZE your life! this is a hobby that I am quite proficient at! I write EVERYTHING in my agenda because if I didn't I would run around like a chicken with my head cut off! I carry it with me at all times, if I ever forget it, I go absolutely crazy and try to remember what I can to get through the day long enough until I get get back and get it. I was watching "Flipping Out" on Bravo the other night and Jenny forgot Jeff's planner at a job site and he almost killed her because it is so important to him. He literally flipped out! I feel like this is how I would be if I was nearly as important as he is!2. Make notecards. I feel like this is a simple way to organize the material that you need to know and makes studying a bit easier because you can see the information you need to know!
3. Take a study break! Grab a quick snack, make a cup of coffee, call your mom and unload some stress on her (just not too much, cause she'll worry!), or take a 15 minute power nap! Sometimes it is hard to keep your focus so I try to push hard and study for an hour and then take a 10 minute break!
4. Create a plan. If everything is due in one day, or even one week make sure you plan out what needs to be done by what days so that you don't fall behind!5. Eat right and Sleep Well. This is very important!! A lot can happen as a result from being suer stressed like acne, sickness, anger, and fatigue but most of this can be avoided with a lot of planning, making sure you are eating healthy foods and getting ample amounts of sleep!

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