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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Being home puts me a crafty mood! Recently online, I saw some ornaments made this way but they used a napkin, where as I used wrapping paper. Things you will need:
  • paint brush
  • paper Mod Podge
  • wrapping paper or napkins
  • glass or plastic ornament
  • rubber band
I put a band of Mod Podge around the middle of the ornament and then placed the strip of wrapping paper, centered and secured it with a rubber band. Then I cut slits in the paper to make it easier to wrap around the circular ball. Coat the inside of the ornament with Mod Podge and smooth down the pieces of paper with your fingers. After that sticks down, remove the rubber band and coat the top with the Mod Podge, don't worry- it will dry clear!

The finalized ornament should look like this! I finished it off with a pretty pink bow!

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