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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Forgive me!

I have lost my mind multiple times this week! I am so sorry but I have just been under incredible stress for the past two weeks!
Last week was the start of second semester and I totally FREAKED out!!! big time... I came back to school, after Christmas break without having enough hours to be a full- time student. When I finally registered for enough classes, I had a rough schedule with no breaks and I didn't have one of the two classes I needed to complete to apply for the College of Education- which would put me a semester behind on graduating. So for the second time in my short college career, I called home and told my mom I was not going to school anymore! Now, of course we all know this was my over- dramatic self losing it but boy was I upset... and to top it all off, the advising center never processed my declaration of my major, so I was behind in that too!
Well after a few calming phone calls from my mother, frustrated emails to the advising center and prayers to God, I finally received a miracle email stating that I would be admitted to the class I needed at the time I wanted!!!
After all that I am pleased to say that I am in the classes I need and have enough hours! I have just been busy this week trying to keep up with work so that I don't fall behind! I am really trying to be responsible and stay ahead in my classes this semester!
I am so happy that my week is finally over! (yayy, no Friday classes!) We have a date function tomorrow night so it should be a fun weekend!
Wish me luck!!

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