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Sunday, January 2, 2011

OOTD...day 4, and my Inspirational Friend

I know that this is about a week belated and I apologize but I think we can all agree that it has been a hectic one for everybody! The BFF, mBa, and I went to one of our closest friend's, home for an ornament exchange! It was so nice to see eLc because I have really missed her and I love when I can sit down with dear friends to catch up and hear all about what is going on in their lives! She has had SUCH a rough year! Last New Year's Day her father unexpectedly passed away after complications with a heart attack, and then dealt with many personal struggles including a robbery a few days after Thanksgiving. eLc is honestly, one of the strongest women I know! After all of the struggles she has dealt with this year, she has still managed to have a fulfilling and loving relationship with her sweet boyf, welcomed the birth of a niece, and even started her very own, very successful business; all the while balancing college and two jobs! eLc is really an inspiration when I think I have things bad; I can just think about how eLc has put a positive spin on her situation. eLc is an amazing photographer! You can see her work here!

These gifts were so pretty, I had to take a picture! Sadly, I can't take credit for these. My mom is an expert gift- wrapper and takes great pride in it! The pink sparkly bag contained the ornament that I took to swap! I took the Lilly- themed ornament that I made. I posted how- to directions, you can see them here. The houndstooth wrapped present is the hostess gift. I bought eLc a really pretty, ornate, hot pink frame to match her room.

This is my OOTD, I wore this outfit to the Ornament Exchange. Oversized navy cardigan- I think this is from Marshalls/ TJ Maxx. Creme silk ruffel tank- Gap. Jeggings- Target. Boots- Matisse, Belk (these are my favorite boots of all time! I bought them for less than $70 in Middle School and just had the souls replaced last month. They are so me, I wear them all the time and they have so much life left in them!) This outfit was a steal!

who is an inspirational person in your life and why?

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