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Monday, July 25, 2011

finally home

.me in downtown Gatlinburg in The Village.

After quite a long week, I made it home at about 8:30 last night and boy, was I tired! My trip to Gatlinburg for the first part of the weekend was rather disappointing... We did quite a bit of shopping but didn't make a whole lot of significant purchases. Tuesday afternoon we spent in downtown Gatlinburg walking through all of the small shops. on Friday we went into Pigeon Forge and did some outlet shopping and LOTS of Christmas decoration shopping! We went to about 4 different stores and while it was interesting to see all of the neat merchandise, I would have rather been shopping for clothes! I don't think it was a bad trip, but I think we just had our minds set on it being different than what we did. Maybe we should have planned it out better? After we go home Thursday evening, I unpacked and re- packed for Greensboro.
.Mom & I outside by our sign :) Love this one.

.Grant & I posing for yet another Christmas- themed picture at
The Partridge and a Pear Tree restaurant. What a cute name?!.

I got to Ethan's house around 11 on Friday. We went to lunch and did some shopping that afternoon. After lunch with his family he took me ice skating at the ice house where he works. *Note: He used to play hockey for 10+ years and I have ice skated maybe 10 times in my life! I was pretty nervous of looking silly and falling but surprisingly, he said I did well and I didn't even fall! I thought it was so cool to see him racing around the rink and doing the thing he genuinely loves to do! Saturday we went to Boone early to hang out with all of our friends that were up there for the concert and then later, we met up with his parents at the stadium. Dierks Bentley was AMAZING!! I think he was one of the est performers I have ever seen! He really knew how to entertain the crowd, he joked with us, told us about his cheating ex- girlfriend, and even changed some of the words in his song to fit us, like 'Carolina', or 'Mountaineers'. I would definitely love to see him again! Sunday, I went to Mass (for the second time in my life) with Ethan and his dad. His mom and sister left for the beach Sunday morning. After Church, we went to lunch and later cooked Chicken Parmesan for dinner. I was sad to leave after dinner.
.E & I at the IceHouse.

.Hanging out with a few of my best frieds before the concert.

.There he is, Dierks, himself.

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