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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

this is what I did today

Today was a great day! It was the first that I had off of work, and had nothing to do, in quite some time! I was able to sleep in until 11am and then I lounged around the house for a few hours. I discovered pinterest today as well! I am still not quite sure how to work it but I think I sort of got the hang of it! Anyways after running errands with mom I decided that I would make Rainbow Cake in a mason jar, because I found this on the website and it was super cute!! I thought it would be cute to share with yall! We did not have any yellow cake batter from a box so I decided to make some from scratch for the first time ever! I used another one of my new favorite things: ehow.com! When I puled it up on my phone it let me cross out the ingredients that I had already gathered and I could eve cross off the steps that I had completed! So cool! After making the batter, I divided it into 5 smaller mixing bowls and added the food coloring.
After dividing the batter, I dropped 3-4 spoonfuls of each color on top of each other in to the mason jar to make a fun rainbow effect!

After all the mason jars are empty and the batter is out, you need to place them in a pan filled 1/2 way up with water so that the glass does not explode when you cook it!

Cook these for 35- 45 minutes on 350 degrees! They should come out looking like this...
*note: the picture above is not mine, I am still working on perfecting the presentation!

If you have any great recipes you've made lately, let me know! I love trying new things!


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