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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

to die for!

I was running late to work (as usual) a few weeks ago when I passed by Anthropologie. In the doorway I saw a woman carrying the cutest wicker purse with leather handles. It was in the shape of an elephant! Now knowing how much I love elephants and collect them, can you imagine what went through my head when I saw this?! Well I really wanted to stop and ask the woman to kindly hand it over, or at least tell me where she got it :) but I just couldn't be any later to work than I already was. So I just kind of put this envy on the back- burner of my mind for the past weeks but I was investigating a KS shirt online tonight for mBa and some how, stumbled upon this baby...

THIS IS IT! can you believe it?! I in no way was looking for it and found it on the Kate Spade website! So of course, this means it is a sign right? I am meant to have it! So I click on the link and see that it is a cool $227.00, marked down from $325.00 so I wrack my brain, weighing the guilt that I will feel for spending that much money on one oh-so-trendy but ever-so-darling purse, versus the amount of happiness that it will bring me toting it around on my arm! Well of course they balance out duh So I continue to scroll down the page, ready to make my purchase when I see it... the dreaded "we are sorry-". It was all gone!

So what's a girl to do? I mean I really, really need this! I am going to be so upset if I can't find it! I am going to look on eBay later and call the KS main office tomorrow! I can't believe I missed this in stores and I need to see if there is one floating anywhere out there!

Let me know if you see one- mTa

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  1. I have seen this on KS website too and it is TDF! I love elephants also, and when I first saw this I thought I HAD to have it...until I saw the price tag :) haha