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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Staring at 50 Cent in the mirror

This is my experience of going to workout today at the Student Recreation Center, better known as the SRC. I was supposed to be meeting my Big there but Big was running late so I went in to go ahead and get my fitness on. When you first walk in to the SRC, one must swipe their card to be permitted entrance. You are supposed to swipe with the machine to your left but of course I swiped to the right first and then realized I was holding up this big, buff boy and quickly changed. After I got through the gates I see all of these bug guys on the basketball courts shooting hoops and other guys just rushing around me and I begin to feel like I am on the streets of NYC with all of the hustle and bustle!
So I go upstairs, fins a treadmill and hop on, as I finish my last tweet and press play on my iPod, I look in the mirror and see 50 Cent running on the treadmill behind me! I mean this boy was ripped and sweat was just dripping off him and soaking through his shirt, which I know this sounds extremely nasty but he really did look like 50 on the cover of Candyshop!! hahah
Oh Lord!! That;'s what I thought!! What did I get myself into?? These are the things running through my head as I look into the dreadful wall of mirrors facing me and see my disgusting thighs... Oh well, I guess that was my motivation!!
I mean, let's be real!! I DO NOT LIKE TO SWEAT!!! It is just not for me, ladies are not supposed to sweat, it's not right and just plain gross!! I avoid it at all cost! One time in middle school, I told this to my softball coach, I don't remember playing in many games that season- obviously he understood! I mean he was just doing me a favor right- so I wouldn't have to mess up my hair?!
Finally Big gets there, we talk for a minute and I must leave! I have had enough embarrassment for one night thank you very much!!

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