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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Terrible tale of my poor Fratberry

It all started out so innocent....
I went downstairs to see Big and when I came back upstairs, My BlackBerry was nowhere to be found!! I began to freak out and have a small panic attack! And when I say small... I mean HUGE! Tears, anger, frustration! My BlackBerry is my life- all of my txts, BBM's, contacts, Facebook info, Twitter info, Bank of American account info, ebay info... EVERYTHING!!! My whole life is on this little thing and now I have no idea where in hell's half acre this thing is! So the first thing I do is call Big and ask her to search the car! She can't find it, then I retrace all of my steps from that morning- still can't find the dern thing!! Next step: CALL MOM!! I have no idea how this is supposed to help but I call her yelling... then I decide it's time to call Verizon. VZW is less than helpful in this situation- they say they have "no way of locating it"... although there is a tracking device located inside the phone! I finally decide to Call my phone yet again! A man answers and says that he found this phone about a mile away from where I live on the side of the road, and he was in the woods picking mushrooms- {well, that's APP for ya!} haha- he finally says that he can bring it to me in 15 minutes! Well thank Heaven's!! Now we can go to tailgate! I evidently set the phone on top of her car, I am just happy it still works!!

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