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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Day that was Turned Around with a Smile

This is how my day started out!! The BEST friend, mBa, in the entire world came to Boone for the day to visit me for my BIRTHDAY!!! I am so happy she came, she is awesome, living 9 hours apart is rough but it makes it all the better when we do get to spend time together!! She brought my presents, she painted me a cooler, brought me beautiful Gerbera daisies (my favorite!) and a beautiful skirt!
After a quick bite at Boone Drug, we decided to hit the outlets in Blowing Rock and stopped by this lovely store on the way back! We stumbled upon Bless Your Heart earlier this summer. This is a very cute boutique. It cheers you up, just by walking in!I snapped a few quick pics on my BB while walking through. I LOVE the color scheme! So bright and vibrant, yet clean and crisp looking!

This store is super cute!! They have everything from cute gift ideas, to items for your baby, clothes for yourself, and some unique pajamas too. As if that isn't enough, they have a team who makes bouquets and do flower arrangements for weddings. They have a 'Mason Jar Club' that they create arrangements with the left over flowers from the weddings for a VERY reasonable price!! mBa decided to be a wonderful daughter and pick some up for her Mamma! look how pretty they are!

Although it was quite a dreary day in town, it really turned around when I saw the faces of friends and family coming to cheer me up!! I am super excited for my birthday now! The presents they brought me actually reminded me of what's to come!! Also, when I got back tonight, kRl brought me the present she bought for me this weekend! Guess what it was?! AN ELEPHANT PANDORA BEAD!!! Just what I had mentioned I wanted in an earlier post!! I love it and I'm so excited to wear it tomorrow!!

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