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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cat Stealers

This is a conversation between bDe and I today:

Me: next we can steal a cat:)
B: Good idea, then we can train it play the violin or something and become and become the next youtube sensation.
Me: OMG!! I'm in class and just busted out laughing!!! SO AWKWARD, so thanks!! haha I tweeted that BTW!
B: haha that's hilarious!
Me: I know right?!
B: We need to get it cute outfits and stuff too.
Me: And food
B: lol well obviously
Me: Yeah and Bows for her hair
B: Oh of course, and a nice little brush to comb its fur
Me: What shall we name it?
B: Oh gosh. That'll be the hardest part. We'll need to have a serious discussion before we write up it's birth certificate.

Have you seen this yet???

This is why I love bDe!! Aside from Big, she is the second funniest person I know!! She always makes me laugh and she introduced me to this hilarious video! If you haven't seen it yet, you must watch it!

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